Our Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

Rise Up Indy is a collaborative collective of Indianapolis community organizations and individuals. These organizations and individuals are powerfully committed to deep systemic change, not just liberal reform, in Indianapolis and the country. The focus of that change is to create a city and a society that primarily values the well-being of all people over profit, fame, and power. This commitment is based on our understanding that our city and society are deeply and systemically racist, classist, sexist, heterosexist, ableist, xenophobic, and climate destructive and that these demean, damage, degrade, and destroy people and our planet.

Accordingly, a small elite, of primarily white men, controls our city and society for their own benefit and to the detriment of the large majority of people. This elite enables and promotes a dominant ideology or narrative that hides the fundamental nature of our city and society, resulting in the socialization of people so that they assimilate, accept, and accommodate the highly inequitable status quo.

Our goals then are to reveal the fundamentally inequitable nature of our city and society, to directly confront the inequities, to call them out, to name them, and to remove them through whatever means that accord with our values as stated here—thus enabling all individuals to be valued, appreciated, and cared for; thus enabling all individuals to have decent housing, good schooling, a decent job, adequate food, and respect; and thus enabling all individuals to have an equitable, informed voice as to the nature of our city and society.